Art Exhibit

First National Bank, located at 1101 Hwy 35 South in Port Lavaca, Texas, is hosting an art exhibit in the main lobby for the Port Lavaca Art Guild.   This will be my first invitation to be a part of an art exhibit, so I am pretty excited!  The exhibit will be available to view September 9th – the 27th.

Art Therapy on Vacation

Redfish Turnin’!  I took some time off of work to get some art therapy in.  This was a new commission and will be a birthday gift for a beloved dad turning 80!  Hope he enjoys it as much as I enjoyed painting it 🙂

Perfect Pearl Oyster

Perfect Pearl Oyster

This “Perfect Pearl Oyster” was lovingly created in memory a dear one lost too early.  Life is not perfect…but love is.  Soothing turquoise, yellow & purple hues bring comfort and  peace to heart.  ~Dawn Ragusin

Turquoise Ombre Redfish

Turquoise Ombre Redfish

The “Turquoise Ombre Redfish” was created just for fun.  I held onto this piece for about a year before donating it.  A beautiful young lady in our community courageously battling her own cancer, yet always serving and caring for others.  Port O’Connor came together to show love & support for her journey…I was grateful I had this to give for this crucial benefit. ~Dawn Ragusin


Redfish Mugs

P.S.  This redfish is also a part of my “Redfish Mug Collection”, available at POC Farmers market and at Studio 14 in Port O’Connor, Texas.


Sunset Pelican

Sunset Pelican

This poised brown pelican shows off his beauty surrounded by an array of colors at sunset.  One of my personal favorites, as I really enjoyed blending the background on this piece.  “Sunset Pelican” was a donation to the POC Catholic church for a maintenance fund raffle.  ~Dawn Ragusin

Roseate Spoonbill Portrait, Calm Waters


Roseate Spoonbill Portrait, Calm Waters

My first attempt at a roseate spoonbill…. “Roseate Spoonbill Portrait, Calm Waters” was created specifically for a beautiful young lady in our community courageously battling  cancer, yet always serving and caring for others.  Port O’Connor came together to show love & support for her journey…and I knew I had to create something new and special for this benefit.  ~Dawn Ragusin

Pelican Portrait

Pelican Portrait
Pelican Portait

In 2010, I painted this “Pelican Portrait” specifically for a benefit for a wonderful Port O’Connor woman battling cancer.  I remember being so pleased with the finished piece that I wanted to keep it for myself, for a second.  I knew that God had wanted me to give my best and that’s what I had to do.

Several years later, the one who bought the piece in the auction brought it to me to hang in my office.  I am grateful that I can now share this blue eyed pelican with you!  Oh, how God works in mysterious ways.  ~Dawn Ragusin

The Dawn Ragusin Collection

Welcome!  I am excited to share my art journey with you.  Most of my subjects are fish and birds from the Texas Gulf Coast.  I like to think of them as portraits, as you can look right into their eyes.


I have always loved creating art and see the beauty in many things.  It began in the home of my wonderful Grandma Donna painting ceramics.  She had a kiln, an endless supply of paints, unconditional love and encouragement that made me feel like Picasso!


I believe God has blessed me with this gift and I am happy to share, especially if it can help someone.  You will see many works that have been donated to a worthy cause throughout the last 15 years.  Each piece has a story.


After donating and gifting my works for so long, I began receiving requests to purchase.  I am now having reproductions made, as well as creating new.  I am interested in expanding my audience, as there are many outside my area who love the coast, fishing, and birding.

If you ever have any questions or requests, please feel free to leave to them below.

All the best,

Dawn Ragusin

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